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Forum title:Typing
Topic title:A better keyboard
Created by: sorenk
Created on:2007-12-03 09:17:22
Read times:2065

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Date: 2007-12-03 09:17:22

Standard keyboards contribute to typing errors by reading keys in a matrix with an 8 millisecond scan rate.

Simply put, if you type keys quickly enough, the keyboard wont know which key you pressed first.

This means that letters can be reversed even if you type them in the correct order.

I think the best solution to this is to register every keystroke independently and send the input in the exact order it was received. Unfortunately, I don't know of a keyboard that does this (if you do, PLEASE tell me where I can get it). A hexagonal key arrangement would be nice too.

But I found the next best thing. A keyboard that has a faster clock. So you only have to keep your keystrokes 1 millisecond apart instead of 8 milliseconds. It's still possible to get hardware generated typos.

The keyboards that work this way (that I know of) are the Lycosa and Tarantula by Razor. I have the Tarantula and it seems to me to be much better (I tested it by using two fingers held at different levels and bring both to the board quickly so I know for sure which key was hit first. ). The Tarantula also stores 5 layouts. So, if you type with an alternate layout like Dvorak, Colemak or nTheia you can take it with you.

Ciao e mahalo,

Date: 2007-12-16 03:36:04

Is this an advertisement or something? Nobody faces this bottleneck.

Date: 2007-12-17 08:28:17
Edited: 2007-12-17 08:29:20

shawnmccool wrote:
Is this an advertisement or something? Nobody faces this bottleneck.

The trouble with advertisement (and media funded by advertisement) is that you can't trust information form some one who has a vested interest in manipulating you for profitable extortion. Specifically that's third party funded advertisement.

I'm not partial to the Razor. And I think their product leaves a few things to be desired. Mainly, a faster scan rate doesn't remove the matrix limitation, it just makes it less (if their scan rate was 100 times faster instead of just 8 times faster then it would effectively solve the problem).

That said my comment is a non-funded first-party (my self as a user not a seller) advertisement because I am recommending it as the best keyboard I know of. Because I haven't found any direct input keyboards. But if you can point me to a direct input keyboard or one with a faster scan rate, please let me know.

As for most people not experiencing this bottleneck.
I suspect they do, but they perceive it as their fault instead of the keyboards.

If you strum to keys that are next to each other, so that you know one key is bing pressed first. And then hit the keys in revers order (flip the keyboard upside down so that you can use the same two fingers on the same keys), you will notice that the keyboard has a definite preference for ordering to keys typed very quickly. And that the keyboards preference is not based on the order that the keys are typed.

Please try my experiment for your self. And next time you get a reverse character typo, hit both keys together to see if they tend to run in the same direction of the typo.


Date: 2007-12-18 17:17:56

Hmm.. I'll definitely be paying attention to this now. Thanks for the well formulated response.

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