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Forum title:Problems
Topic title:Lack of security
Created by: Anonymous
Created on:2005-03-29 19:56:50
Read times:2683

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Date: 2005-03-29 19:56:50

the database is not uptodate since there is very simple for anyone to register and then there is no condition to secure the user account. it will be easy to guess any user login name and password.

Date: 2005-03-30 01:38:44
Edited: 2005-03-30 03:33:05

bryan wrote:
it will be easy to guess any user login name and password.

There is nothing important going on this site, so it doesn't need top-level security (e.g. encrypted web traffic and strict requirements for passwords). You can choose a weak password here. If the site enforced strong password, you could still post your password on the forum etc. if you were stupid; there is no way to stop user stupidity. If it is easy to guess any password, try to guess mine...

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