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Forum title:Typing
Topic title:English vs. Dutch
Created by: noppey
Created on:2005-11-17 22:32:09
Read times:3573

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Date: 2005-11-17 22:32:09


I'm typing here now for some months, and I've reached the second place of the Dutch sentences.. I ofcourse was very proud, but then I checked the English highscores and they were far(!) higher than the Dutch ones..
I tried the English sentences too, and I noticed that they're using far more small words than the Dutch ones. Although I couldn't get a better score for English sentences..

My question is, how come that the English highscores are far better than the Dutch ones.. Because the qwerty is better for English? Or because there are just more English typers than Dutch typers uphere? Or because they've got easier words (smaller) to type?

Date: 2005-11-18 09:21:52

can you besure that every one use qwerty? perhaps some use dvorak or other onces.

Date: 2005-11-19 12:50:56

Oh, english sentences are far easier to write then all others, there are only very easy words... as english words are more difficult then all other words. If each language had the same difficulty, what is impossible, there could be a general test. But if english is more difficult then all other languages in words.. and easier in sentences, you will never be able to compare the languages... so, YOU CAN be PROUD of your second place in dutch sentences :)

Date: 2006-03-20 19:23:09

Well look at the highscores now! Dutch sentences on a Veyboard far faster then English sentences!
1 Wim Gerbecks 894 2006-03-17

More information about veyboard www.veyboard.nl

Date: 2010-03-05 20:01:17

quote test

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