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Forum title:Typing
Topic title:Hello!
Created by: allquixotic
Created on:2006-02-06 18:50:43
Read times:2872

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Date: 2006-02-06 18:50:44
Edited: 2006-02-06 20:12:39

Hello everyone!

Hey, this site is awesome. I love the "keys per minute" statistic. I managed to pull 611 keys/minute late last night when my fingers were textured just right (a lot of it has to do with how clean they are and the type of keyboard I'm using). I use a Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard, which is ergonomic QWERTY. Right now I'm using a straight QWERTY Dell econo-model, the one that has absolutely no edges to the keyboard except the bare minimum space required by all the keys. It really sucks, hurts my wrists, and I only pulled 542 keys per minute. :(

Still, 122 "words per minute" is way higher than what I hear most people being able to type. I think I just barely missed the top 50 English sentences typers of all time.

I want to try and improve, but trying to improve past a maximum like mine is much more difficult. I'm, of course, a natural touch-typer who's been touch typing in the dark in IRC and computer games for upwards of 10 years, on straight and ergonomic QWERTY keyboards, on Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

This forum reminds me of some sort of forum for weight lifters who can already bench many hundreds of pounds, to learn how to bench even more. I'm definitely "up there" on the list, but I would like to learn how to improve. I'm not sure if it's my keyboard, my hand-eye coordination, or the fact that I'm (usually) overly careful when I do typing tests and I don't really need to be that careful, because my typing accuracy is VERY good.

Anyway, my hat goes off to all the folks who beat me (from my estimates I guess it's about 75 - 100 people who are ahead of me in the all time list, although I don't know how I can view my "actual" place in the all time list.) You have my admiration.

P.S. - Has anyone tried DVORAK? Is it better?

UPDATE: Pulled 612 kpm on this sucky keyboard.. I guess it is largely about your mood, finger fatigue, music, and concentration. I'm tired now and my wrists are tired too, and I can't pull more than 540. Hmm. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I figure when I'm typing extremely casually (like most of the time) I average around 80 - 90 wpm, but when I really push it I can get up to 122.

Date: 2006-05-02 00:08:10
Edited: 2006-05-02 00:20:38

Wow that's really fast. 80 wpm is like my average and when I push it I get upwards of 90 and lower 100s... my high on this (for English sentences) is only like 440 kpm. But i've only been touch-typing for 2 years. Still, 120 wpm... that's unreal.

Date: 2006-06-20 09:55:37

wow! u guys r way ahead.. me a rookie here.. i jus manage an average of around 55 wpm.. it used to be 50 last month. i'm a self taught typer.. any tips on how i can improve my speed??

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