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Free text:I developed v:uk in January 2007. v:uk is optimized for English, uses a dead comma for foreign letters (, , , etc) and AltGr for common words (' and', ' the', ' for', etc.). Top row: bpdlv ;wkqj Home row: snthr ueoaiy bottom row: cfgmz -',.x (u and w were swapped mid February turning V..UK into thRUeo ) As of 16 April 2007 I switched to theia which has the layout -- Top row: gfdnl ;ou,b Home row: csthr aeipwj bottom row: zvkmx 'qy.@ I typed QWERTY here under the handle
Finished tests:926 / 1790 minutes

Scorekeys/min words/mindate/time
Best ever 294 58 2007-07-16 02:34


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