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Forum title:Typing
Topic title:Extremely fast typing?
Created by: jamesgordon
Created on:2007-01-29 08:20:22
Read times:4202

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Date: 2007-01-29 08:20:22

I'm 19, and I've been typing ever since elementary school. I started out using a school program which helped me to form good habits and allowed me to develop a relatively fast touch-typing technique at a young age. By the time I was in 5th grade, I could probably type about 50-60 wpm. Once I got a computer in middle school, and became addicted to online game and chat rooms, my typing speed quickly accelerated. By the end of middle school, I could probably type about 90 wpm. Then, through high school, I was able to reach an all time recorded high of 128 wpm on this website...however, I'd say that my average speed must be more like 115.

Anyway, I was curious how people are able to get scores BEYOND my highscore. I feel like I've basically plateaud in my typing, as I typed my absolute fastest over a year ago. It simply doesn't seem feasible for me to type much faster than I'm able to type now. The only real issue is that I do still sometimes make mistakes, which would probably optimize my speed further, but...do any extremely fast typers have any words of advice for me on how to achieve true typing greatness? I'd like to be able to type about 130-150 wpm consistently.

Date: 2007-02-01 16:01:29
Edited: 2007-02-01 16:01:57

im typing faster than reading.. my typing speed is about 600wpm but im never typing when im logged in. just as unlogged.. best when i was logged in 416

Date: 2007-02-02 06:30:50

We'll, I never got close to tripling the world record (212 WPM). In fact my best in QWERTY was 60 WPM. But I just switched to a new layout (wouldn't try that from from 115+ WPM). And that slowed me down a LOT.

Typing slowly allows me to be more aware of HOW I type. I noticed that I moved my fingers more than necessary, especially when pressing the shift keys. And sometimes I move my hands unnecessarily, particularly when using my ring and pinky fingers

I found some letter combinations can be typed faster without returning to the home row (this likely is more true for hand alternating layouts such is Dvorak and V:UK but should apply to QWERTY too).

For instance 'eke' ( 'did' an V:UK ) can be typed faster if you leave your middle finger on 'e' when you press 'k' with your other hand.

And in some cases, alternating the thumb used for 'space' is faster ( 'space' accounts for about 15% of typing).

For example, in QWERTY*, with the statement "Calm mornings seem marvelous," the left thumb is best used between 'm's and the right between 's'es because the thumb has excellent timing and can squeeze a space between the double letters with the figure an the other hand double tapping as fast as it possibly can.

I've been training my self for a couple months to use the thumb opposite the first character of the next word. It becomes automatic eventually. The best part is, when I mess up, it's no big deal (I get the same 'space' either way).

Staying away from back space and starting over (at least from the beginning of the line) helps me learn not to make mistakes. I think it helps to think of motor memory as a pet for the purpose of training. Using back space to correct a typo is like giving your dog a bone when it pees an the rug.

I think you should stick with your layout. But spend some typing very, VERY slowly while analyzing every finger movement.

And if you don't already, try using CAPS LOCK for combinations of capital letters that require alternating hands.

I'll try to give better suggestions once I achieve 600 WPM☻

* Both 'm' and 's' are left hand keys on V:UK.

Date: 2007-02-04 09:12:30
Edited: 2007-02-04 10:00:37

Well, I never learned typing in any formal fashion. I do about 130 WPM with 100% accuracy if I'm lucky, and I'm about 125 average if I try. I don't use my left pinky, which would probably increase the speed. To boot, I'd say it's unhealthy to type as much as I do with no formal typing techniques. Buuut I do it.

- Alan

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