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What is this?

TyperA is a typing speed test. You get randomly chosen words or sentences and try to type them as fast as possible. A test lasts for one or two minutes. The program counts letters in the correctly typed words (including one delimiting space) and divides it by the test time. This will be your score, expressed in CPM, characters per minute and in WPM, words per minute.

See below for further instructions.


1. Choose a language, the words will be in this language.
2. Click "Start test" - soon you'll see the test app
3. Start typing the words from left to right. Press space or enter between the words.
4. Keep on typing until the time (1 or 2 minutes) passes
5. Read your rating and score


The program will count keypresses of the correctly typed words. If you mistype a word, it will be ignored and score won't increase. While typing, you can see the current score on the top of the screen. To make a good result you just need to read and type. Don't stop to think, just type, do no typos.

Send me feedback if there's anything you want to comment.

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