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From the creators of TyperA:
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What's new?

2017 updates:

  • Apr 9 Flash version replaced with a tentative HTML5/JavaScript version... let's see how this plays out.
  • Apr 6 Web browsers are ending Flash support. Currently TyperA still works on Firefox but not Chrome. A new version may fix this in the future.

2015 updates:

  • Jan 11 The profile page now shows your progress along time as a graph. It is also shown publicly if you have defined your records as public on the settings page (My TyperA). Only the maximum result of each day is shown.
  • Jan 11 The number of minutes and tests taken should now correctly get updated again in your profile
  • Jan 8 Merged the "results" page with the "profile" page
  • Jan 7 Added a histogram of personal records in the game over display
  • Jan 6 Milestone: ten million minutes of TyperA tests taken, unfinished tests not counted
  • Jan 6 TyperA featured on Huffington Post and other media

2014 updates:

  • Jul 12 Fixed a bug: the result was sometimes rejected if there were many failed words in the end.
  • Jul 10 You can now share your result to Facebook. People seeing the story on your timeline or their news feed can try out TyperA directly embedded in Facebook (if Flash enabled, usually not mobile devices).
  • Jul 9 Registered a .net domain again: TyperA.net

2013 updates:

  • Apr 27 Replaced Java Applet with Flash.

2007 updates:

  • Jun 19 Moved to a new server hosted by Nebula. Minor anomalies may occur due to datatabase server migration. Login names are now case insensitive. Because of this, a few login names had to be changed (e.g. if there was john and JOHN, changed one of them to john2).

2005 updates:

  • Sep 15 Your account will be removed if you don't log in for six months and you don't have a record of at least 500 kpm in any language.

2004 updates:

  • 20 Nov Added a couple of new features, e.g. speed and reliability (= moved to a new (temporary?) server)
  • 14 Jan Dutch words mode available. Thanks to JanJasper for word list.
  • 12 Jan Forum finally implemented

September 2003 updates:

  • After you have joined a custom highscore list (group), your score is immediately visible on that list if your records are good enough. You're also permanently a list member, there is no need to enter the keyword again.
  • Registration is required in order to get to highscore lists. For the same reason old highscore lists are gone (but archived, see the highscore page)
  • Scoring has changed slightly. If you type a shorter word than the correct word, you will get "penalty points". These will decrease your kpm. This is because it was before possible to skip difficult words by typing just one letter and pressing space.
  • Each language and mode now has a separate highscore list
  • When the game starts, only the first row is visible, so that you can't "prepare" too much

Older news

  • 01 Sep If you want to help continuing TyperA, you can donate via PayPal. Use the e-mail address jouko@iki.fi. You know, maintaining the server, having net connection, etc. cost money. And of course take a lot of time.
  • 01 Sep The site is being moved from my former employer's server to my own. I'm also doing a major rewrite of the code.
  • May 11th The two millionth (2,000,000th) TyperA game is now history. The historical typer was mike who scored a glorious 276 keys per minute. Roughly 3000 games per day were finished during the last year. Otherwise it has been nice, too.
  • Mar 26th Ik begrijp er geen bal van about TyperA in Dutch. Thanks to John Cool from Holland for the Dutch sentences.
  • Feb 28th We are pleased to announce that the first TyperA game in Turkish has taken place in our research labs last night. "We can hardly overestimate the significance of this breakthrough", commented Testi Testinen, the chief of particle accelerator operations. "Some letters may look strange or be missing completely, though", he added. Thanks to Gurkan Cetin for the Turkish text.
  • Jan 30th Hello and happy new year to everyone. Accented E letters were replaced by normal E's in the Swedish sentences. Adding the Turkish language is being worked on.
  • Year 2003
  • Sep 1st TyperA is now available in Portuguese. Thanks to Ramon Francescolli Costa for the text material and help. If someone wants TyperA in Spanish, that is easy now since the font now has the needed letters. Just send some good Spanish sentences, someone...
  • Jul 16th A new list of sentences for the German language. Some mistakes were corrected and new sentences added. Thanks to Stefanie Wiele for this contribution.
  • Jun 1st One million completed TyperA games have been played. Chris typed a result of 283 keys per minute while breaking this historical barrier.
  • Jan 24th There was some conversation on our IRC channel, #TyperA (yes, this is new). Rauko was also there, and said "lo".
  • Year 2002
  • Oct 23rd TyperA has been played over half a million times. In fact a lot of more if we counted unfinished games... The 500,000th player was MeTz from Germany and the historical score was 128 keys/min
  • Year 2001
  • April 27th Have something to ask? A feature suggestion? Want to meet other TyperA players? Join #TyperA, the TyperA players' IRC channel to discuss the game or other things! Use an IRCNet server (e.g. /server irc.stealth.net, or use www.missingu.com) and type /join #TyperA.

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