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TyperA FAQ

Q: What does the name TyperA mean?

A: Quite obviously, it consist of `typer' because that's what it's all about, and `A' symbolizing metaphysically the long journey of an aspiring typer, from A to Z, alpha and omega. `Typerä' is also Finnish and means `stupid', but that is just a coincidence.

Q: It doesn't work.

A: Your browser needs the Adobe Flash plug-in. You can check your Flash installation at Adobe's site. Flash is not currently available for some mobile platforms.

Q: How do I restart my browser?

A: We have received some e-mail inqueries concerning this. To restart your browser, first close it and then start it again.

Q: It says "ERROR HAPPENED" even though I played as normally.

A: Your WWW-proxy may mess things up, or then you have an old version of the Applet in your browser's cache. Try restarting the browser and/or turning off proxies. You might also experience this problem if you fiddle around with the back and forward buttons of the browser. Or, it may happen if there's an extremely lot of network lag and the game thinks there is some kind of cheat involved.

Q: "Keypresses per minute"? What kind of rating is that? Words per minute is the standard unit.

A: Counting keypresses gives much more accuracy. Already now many people have identical results on the list.

Q: Is/was there someone from USA helping in creating and developing the site?

A: No. Believe it or not, this site was created without help from Americans. (Strange question but it has been asked?)

Q: How many people are doing TyperA?

A: 1

Q: Hey, player X is cheating! It's not possible to type over 300/400/500/600/700/800 keys per minute.

A: Everything is relative. In the first year some people were convinced I (T.S.) was cheating with my super result 410 cpm (now I've improved to > 600). It's technically possible to cheat, given enough dedication. We're trying to make that more difficult while still keeping the test reasonably "playable". For top results, all keypresses and their timestamps (millisecond accuracy) are recorded for later reviewing. Cheaters are banned on sight.

The Guinness World Record is 212 words per minute, well over 1000 cpm.

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