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Forum title:Problems
Topic title:comma problem
Created by: queesy
Created on:2007-06-22 20:22:11
Read times:3083

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Date: 2007-06-22 20:22:11

some times when i am taking the english 2 min. test there will be a word with a comma after it.

maybe about 50% of the time that there is a comma when the blue highlighted part goes over the word you have to type the text is usually revered to a white color except some times the comma stays black and is hard to see, so i always miss those ones....

Date: 2007-12-17 02:14:12

I also experience this problem which is basically why I can't score that good in sentences. Just when you thought you had the word spelled right it shows up red and with a comma afterwards and that is not what was displayed when you actually typed the word. Pretty disturbing and screws your pace totally.

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