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Forum title:TyperA
Topic title:Word correction
Created by: Anonymous
Created on:2005-12-23 05:54:18
Read times:4044

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Date: 2005-12-23 05:54:18


Great idea, great page!
Nice feedback for typers.

One thing annoys me, tho:
I'm quite a fast typer (>400) who's adapted to correct while writing.
If theres a typo at the end of the word i cannot correct.

So think mistakes like "typer whos' ready to correct"

While typing "ready" I will see the mistake, will want
to correct it, but backspace won't lead me back.
So I will hit backspace some more times realizing it
doesn't work. Then "whos'" will still turn read
disturbing my rhythm even more.

In "real life" I'm faster even though correcting these mistakes.

Maybe you can add a function to always correct the last two words or something like that?

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